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Our supplier Fenplast is at the top of the list of “best choices” among the 18 window manufacturers in Quebec evaluated by Protégez-Vous magazine in May 2021. They have surpassed their competitors at all measured levels :

  • Product quality
  • Purchasing experience
  • The installation.

Quebecers prefer Fenplast

Following the satisfaction survey conducted with a panel of more than 3,000 respondents who have purchased windows over the past 10 years, we obtained the highest score, 89% satisfaction overall, a very good rate in this type of survey.

Note that several manufacturers have had difficulty ranking at our level following various problems: the quality of the windows, the mist that settles between the panes, the lack of waterproofing and hardware issues as well as the non-compliance with warranty and lead times were the most cited issues among respondents.

The reasons that set us apart from the competition?

  • Excellence of Fenplast Expert Dealers
  • Ongoing support
  • Irreproachable windows installations
  • An after-sales service carried out as quickly as possible
  • A fully transferable limited lifetime warranty on our products
  • ENERGY STAR® certified products among those with the highest energy efficiency (RE)
  • Respected delivery schedules

To know more about our advantages.

The window purchasing file, including the detailed results of the manufacturer's ranking, is available on the Protégez-Vous website (a subscription is required to access the file, french version only). It is also published in the May 2021 edition.

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